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CT-SF PK PEEK Technical

Load capacity 140 N/mm2
Temperature -100~+250 ℃
Speed limit 3.0 m/s
Friction coef(u) 0.09~0.24 μ
PV limit(dry) 3.10 N/mm2*m/s
PV limit(oil 31.70 N/mm2*m/s
CT-SF PK is made of steel plate-bronze-PEEK. Sintered with porous bronze 0.25-0.3mm on steel backing, roll modified PEEK in the gap of bronze, form a antifrication layer, the depth of it is 0.15-0.2mm.
1. It is of low friction coefficient, good anti-wear, because of the antifriction layer is made of PEEK.
2. Prolong working life due to the steelness and toughness of the antifriction layer.
3. Deforming temperature can reach 300 degree centigrades.and also can reach 250 degree centigrades when in longterm used, because of the good heat resistance of the antifriction layer.
4. Good stability of the size. Not suck up moistrue and oil.. When in water and
steam, have no chemical change.
5. Can be used in acid circumstance (except concentrated sulphuric acid.)
6. It is widely used in metallurgy industry, mine, irrigation works, bridge, shock absorber of automobile, etc.
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