self-lubricated bearing
Standard component of dies
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Wear plates and guide bush

Z10W/17/15  Z11W/17/12  Z11W/56/32
Z10W/22/15  Z11W/22/12  Z11W/66/32
Z10W/27/15  Z11W/27/12  Z11W/76/32
Z10W/36/15  Z11W/36/12  Z11W/46/40
Z10W/46/15  Z11W/46/12  Z11W/56/40
Z10W/56/15  Z11W/56/12  Z11W/66/40
Z10W/22/18  Z11W/17/14  Z11W/76/40
Z10W/27/18  Z11W/22/14  Z11W/86/40
Z10W/36/18  Z11W/27/14  Z11W/96/40
Z10W/46/18  Z11W/36/14  Z11W/116/40
Z10W/56/18  Z11W/46/14  Z11W/136/40
Z10W/66/18  Z11W/56/14  Z11W/46/42
Z10W/22/20  Z11W/17/15  Z11W/56/42
Z10W/27/20  Z11W/22/15  Z11W/66/42
Z10W/36/20  Z11W/27/15  Z11W/76/42
Z10W/46/20  Z11W/36/15  Z11W/86/42
Z10W/56/20  Z11W/46/15  Z11W/96/42
Z10W/66/20  Z11W/56/15  Z11W/116/42
Z10W/22/22  Z11W/22/16  Z11W/136/42
Z10W/27/22  Z11W/27/16  Z13W/17/14
Z10W/36/22  Z11W/36/16  Z13W/17/15
Z10W/46/22  Z11W/46/16  Z13W/22/18
Z10W/56/22  Z11W/56/16  Z13W/22/20
Z10W/66/22  Z11W/17/18  Z13W/27/22
Z10W/76/22  Z11W/22/18  Z13W/27/24
Z10W/22/24  Z11W/27/18  Z13W/36/30
Z10W/27/24  Z11W/36/18  Z13W/36/32
Z10W/36/24  Z11W/46/18
Z10W/46/24  Z11W/56/18
Z10W/56/24  Z11W/66/18
Z10W/66/24  Z11W/76/18
Z10W/76/24  Z11W/17/20
Z10W/27/30  Z11W/22/20
Z10W/36/30  Z11W/27/20
Z10W/46/30  Z11W/36/20
Z10W/56/30  Z11W/46/20
Z10W/66/30  Z11W/56/20
Z10W/76/30  Z11W/66/20
Z10W/86/30  Z11W/76/20
Z10W/96/30  Z11W/22/22
Z10W/27/32  Z11W/27/22
Z10W/36/32  Z11W/36/22
Z10W/46/32  Z11W/46/22
Z10W/56/32  Z11W/56/22
Z10W/66/32  Z11W/66/22
Z10W/76/32  Z11W/76/22
Z10W/86/32  Z11W/22/24
Z10W/96/32  Z11W/27/24

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