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CT-JDB 3 Material and Bronze Embedded Bush Structure

Base material:CuSn6Zn6Pb3
Base Hardness:HB60-90
Friction coef(u):<0.14
Temperature limit :300 ℃
Dynamic load limit:70N/mm2
lLoad limit under lm/min:20N/mm2
Speed limit:2m/s
PV limit:0.6N/mm2 *m/s
CT-JDB 3 has almost the same constructure as CT-JDB 2.Suitable for lowload position,wear performance worsens when under middle or high load. The mating layer is same as CT-JDB 2 so that more cost-saving than CT-JDB 2 whereas compression strength increases and weldable. Most suitable for dry position in construction, metallurgical machines, conveyor
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