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CT-JDB 5 Material-Based Bush Structure

Base material:GCr15
Base Hardness:HRC58-60
Friction coef(u):<0.17
Temperature limit :350 ℃
Dynamic load limit:250N/mm2
lLoad limit under lm/min:70N/mm2
Speed limit:0.1m/s
PV limit:2.5N/mm2 *m/s
CT-JDB 5 is reinforced product of JDB series.It is based steel GCR15 adn embedded with solid is of high compress strength and particularly suitable ofr supporting position in hoisting machines,e.g.The support or stand of windlass and of crane.But it should not be appliedin water or in acid/alkali circumstance.
Can be used under low,middle and high load.
Due to its superb high hardness, when under high load, it overperforms than other JDB type.
Not suitable for water,acid,ahkili circumstances.
Most suitable for the supporting position of hoisting machine, e.g. bulldozer supporter, hoister supporter, reeling machine supporter etc.
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